Minicomponent LG XBOOM OK99

  • 1800 watts
  • Exploding horn
  • TV Sound Synchronizer (Optical)
  • Multi Color Party Lighting
  • Pro DJ Wheel
  • Karaoke Star

Get the most out of it with 1800W
Have fun with the LG XBOOM and its DJ and Karaoke features

Listen to the rhythm, feel it
The LG XBOOM OK99 pumps out the sound in a punchy and loud way, through its powerful 12-inch bass speakers that you can feel and hear.

Make your TV sound more powerful
Enjoy your favorite sports movies and games with a more powerful and balanced sound. The LG XBOOM OK99 can be connected to your TV wirelessly or via an optical cable.

Have an unforgettable party
Make your family reunion very special with LG XBOOM OK99. With colorful lights and karaoke features, the party will be full of laughter and joy.

Music when and where you want it
Play music wherever you want. Now you can take your LG XBOOM OK99 everywhere as it is portable and has wheels.

Bring out the DJ in you
Become a DJ with professional DJ features. Turn the thumbwheel to change and add other sound effects, as well as repeat a specific part of the track at the touch of a button.

Speed up your party
Increase power with the Party Accelerator controller. Simply slide the accelerator forward to enjoy the party with loud systems and crazy lights.

Dual USB with DJ Sharing
Play and mix tracks from two different USB drives. With the DJ Sharing function, you can easily send party track mixes to your phone.

Karaoke Star
At the touch of a button, voices can be suppressed from almost any track and source. Change the tone of the track to better match your vocal range. Sing along to your favorite music without having to buy special tracks.

Everything is more fun with different voices
Take control of your voice with 18 different vocal effects every time you sing to make every party more fun.

TV Sound Synchronizer
Enjoy watching TV with powerful and balanced sound. Connect your TV to the LG XBOOM OK99 via an optical cable or wirelessly. With a compatible LG TV, you can easily adjust the volume with the TV remote control.

Multi Jukebox
Up to three different people can connect their devices to the speaker system via Bluetooth and create a playlist on the fly, without ever interrupting the party. Choose any available song, then simply add it to the list.


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