LG NanoCell 4K Smart TV 65″ with AI

  • IPS 4K NanoCell panel
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Pure colours thanks to NanoCell Technology
  • Virtual DTS Sound: X
  • LG AI: Artificial Intelligence

NanoCell TV, the best LED TV from LG
The NanoCell TV is LG's most advanced LED TV that delivers superior picture quality with improved RGB color purity, thanks to LG's NanoCell technology.

Redefined color purity
The Nano Color provides a unique visual experience with NanoCell Technology, which improves color purity using particles of approximately 1 nm.

Pure colors thanks to NanoCell Technology
Pure RGB colors are the key to realistic image quality. NanoCell technology applies nanoparticles that purify colors by filtering out dull colors and improving the purity of the RGB spectrum.

Precise colors from a wide viewing angle
Wherever you are, the NanoCell TV maintains color accuracy, even when viewed from the side, allowing everyone to enjoy a realistic picture.

Wide viewing angle.
Precise colors.
Unlike conventional TVs, which can distort colors when an image is viewed from the side, the LG NanoCell TV preserves color accuracy at both the side and front viewing angle.

4K active HDR for incredible detail
Active 4K HDR optimizes each scene to provide fine detail and better color. The multi HDR format, which includes HDR10 and HLG, along with LG's dynamic scene-by-scene adjustment technology, allows you to enjoy any video content in incredible HDR quality.

Virtual DTS:X
Add another dimension to your sound
You'll enjoy rich, flawless, multi-dimensional audio, as your TV's built-in speakers deliver sound from every angle.

Quad-core processor
The origin of 4K images
A fast and accurate quad-core processor eliminates noise and creates more dynamic color and contrast. Low resolution images are enhanced and displayed as near 4K quality images.

Simplicity in a harmonized design
The NanoBezel of the LG NanoCell TV harmonizes with your space and provides a sophisticated ambiance.

Intelligence is reflected in Natural Language
With LG ThinQ AI, many experiences are made possible by your voice alone. Continue the dialogue with conversational speech recognition and get personalized recommendations based on your experience.

Surrounding images and audio for gaming
4K HDR resolution for gaming provides vibrant colors, even from a wide viewing angle. Realistic motion images are combined with 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound, which envelops you in extraordinary and dramatic sound for a complete gaming experience.

Fast response, fluid motion
Improve your gaming experience with the latest features. Low Input Lag allows for real-time response to fast-paced actions. HDMI with ALLM produces the best graphics at maximum speed.


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