Speaker LG XBOOM RL2

  • Speaker LG XBOOM 50 Watts
  • Retractable Handle and Wheels
  • Battery life of approximately 15 hours
  • Multi-Color Lighting – Karaoke Star
  • Vocal Effects
  • Multi Bluetooth

Your party wherever you want with a powerful sound
The LG XBOOM RL2 offers quality sound with powerful bass, and is also portable. So you can have fun with your friends whenever and wherever you want.

Retractable Wheels and Handle
LG XBOOM RL2 is easy to transport, so you can take your party with you at all times.

Long Battery Life
The RL2 offers up to 15 hours of continuous playback. So enjoy your favourite music for as long as you like.

Multi-Color Lighting
The RL2 has 8 colors of rhythmic lights, increasing the excitement of your party.

Karaoke Star
Now singing is easy and fun with Voice Canceller that reduces the voices of songs and Key Changer that adjusts the music to the tone of your voice.

Have Fun Singing with Vocal Effects
Enjoy your meetings by singing with up to 18 voice effects using 3 echo intensities in 6 modes. Singing with your friends has never been so much fun.

Share music with Multi Bluetooth
The RL2 allows you to link up to 3 devices at the same time. You can take turns with your friends to control your playlist and enjoy your music without interruptions or loss of connection.


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