Top Freezer 9 cu.ft

  • Compresor Linear Inverter
  • Door Cooling™
  • Linear Cooling™
  • Hygiene Fresh+
  • Multi Air Flow™
  • Water Dispenser

Rapid and Constant Cooling in Every Space
LG DoorCooling ™ performs more constant and efficient cooling 35 percent faster than the conventional cooling system. It significantly reduces the temperature difference between the interior compartments and the door compartments.

Delight your senses with NatureFRESH™
Indulge your senses for a memorable dining experience.

The LG Smart Inverter Compressor is an energy expert, it adjusts the cooling power according to the quantities of food stored and the internal and external temperature of the refrigerator.

Keep Food Fresh Longer
The LG Linear Inverter compressor helps maintain the appearance, freshness and taste of food for longer by reducing temperature fluctuations.

Moving Ice Maker
Storage Facility
You will be able to move and remove the ice tray whenever you need more space in the freezer.

Rapid and Uniform Cooling
The cold air is distributed to every space in the cooler thanks to its multiple air outlets.

Smart Diagnosis™
LG's Smart Diagnosis technology allows you to solve any problem in your refrigerator through an intelligent diagnosis that by means of a Smartphone detects possible failures and provides you with a solution guided by the service center, from your home.

Moist Balance Crisper™
Ideal Humidity Level
Excess moisture in the food evaporates and condenses on the grate, maintaining up to 20% more perfect moisture balance in the drawer.


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