LG Triple Flame Stove

  • Triple Flame UltraHeatTM
  • 6 Large space burners
  • EasyCleanTM, easy to clean coating
  • Large Capacity
  • Automatic Gas Lockout
  • Automatic Ignition

Cook fast with the UltraHeatTM Triple Flame
The Triple Flame Burner with UltraHeatTM evenly applies more power to the underside of your cookware. Plus, thanks to its 6 spacious burners, you can put 2 large pans on the stove at the same time.

6 Burners with ample space
Greater comfort when cooking, thanks to the 6 Burners with large space that allow 2 large pans to be placed on the stove at the same time.

Take care of yourself, clean without chemicals
Thanks to its special hydrophilic enamel coating, any residue can be easily removed with just water. Just spray the inside of your oven with water, press the button to activate the EasyClean function for 20 minutes and clean any residue. "The ovens of the new LG gas stoves are easier to clean"

No fire hazard
Have you ever worried about a gas leak inside the oven? The Automatic Gas Lockout stops the gas supply if the flame goes out while cooking. No danger of fire or burns.

Easy to Light with One Hand
The new LG Stoves allow you to light your stove conveniently and practically, without the need to press a power button, simply turn the knob when using the stove. Better yet, there's no need to bend over or use a cigarette lighter to light the stove. No more worrying about sudden starts or unwanted burns.

Safe and stylish design
The Smooth Closing System prevents the glass cover from closing suddenly as it is suspended at 45 degrees avoiding the risk of breakage. The edge of the cover is decorated with aluminum, it hardly stains keeping the stove clean and tidy when the cover is closed.

Large Capacity
Large capacity for any size of food (Largest on the market: 5.4 cubic feet) LG offers you the largest capacity in the industry to give you the flexibility to cook larger foods, such as pizza or turkey to pamper your family.


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